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How E-Commerce Businesses Can Leverage Digital Technologies to Their Advantage

When eCommerce companies are ready to sell, technology may help them develop their relationships with clients and keep them top of mind.

Running an e-commerce business requires much more than having a great website. To outperform competitors, you need to provide exceptional customer service, have good inventory management, and have a strong marketing strategy

Managing these varied business goals can be made easy by embracing digital transformation. In this article by Seo Sniffer, we’ll explore the best digital tools for your e-commerce business and the benefits they provide. 

Key Benefits of Digital Transformation

Integrating digital tools will come at a cost and require a fair amount of training as well. If you’re on the fence regarding whether investing in digital transformation is the best decision for your business, here are a few benefits which point to the fact that it certainly is.

Higher Customer Satisfaction

Personalization and automation are two main expectations customers have from any e-commerce business. What this means is that they want your website to provide personalized product suggestions and allow them to take steps to complete purchases and solve queries without relying on customer service agents. Integration of digital tools on your website will provide customers the independence they 

Data-Based Decision Making

Whether you use a tool for marketing, inventory management, customer service, or more, every software will collect valuable data which can be analyzed to make informed business decisions. Making decisions based on guesswork is futile, but data-based decision-making ensures you have a reliable basis for making a change and have a strong indication of what to expect next.

Increased Productivity

With digital tools, data can be shared across various stakeholders in the organization with ease. Additionally, various repetitive tasks can be automated, allowing employees greater time to dedicate to complex tasks which require good planning and critical thinking. Not only does this lead to an increase in employee morale, but also reduces wastage of resources and improves overall business productivity levels.

Best Digital Tools for Your E-commerce Business

While there are various digital technologies on the market, we’ve found the best four options for you to consider:

Create a Mobile Application

According to research by OuterBox, 77% of Americans own a smartphone, and 79% of them have made at least one online purchase in the last six months. Having a strong mobile presence makes it easy for customers to access your website and make purchases. Consider integrating third-party payment options on your website, as it will reduce cart abandonment and churn.

If you do not have the in-house expertise to create an application, consider outsourcing it to an agency.

Implement Chatbots for Customer Service

As reported by Retail Council, modern AI-powered chatbots are a great addition to your customer service team. Having a chatbot on your website allows customers to solve their queries singlehandedly and at a time of their convenience. Whether it be tracking an order, submitting a grievance request, changing their account password, or more, your chatbot will serve as a one-stop solution for all their problems. 

Use a Process Mining Tool

A process mining tool is another kind of AI-powered software that helps to identify inefficiencies in your business workflows and provides inputs on how they can be fixed. For instance, the software will identify bottlenecks in your order fulfillment process, which can be reviewed by the fulfillment team and solved by speaking with suppliers or using better delivery agents. 

Additionally, analyzing the performance metrics of your website will provide the tool with a clear idea regarding any issues faced by customers due to your current workflow. Use these inputs to make necessary changes and provide customers with a smooth store experience. 

Here’s an in-depth guide to help you learn more about process mapping.

Utilize Digital Marketing Tools

By using a social media management tool, an e-commerce business can manage all its digital marketing activities from a centralized platform. You’ll be able to track the performance of social handles, run performance marketing campaigns and respond to customer queries submitted through social media. 

Customer expectations for e-commerce businesses are ever increasing and the best way to meet these is by integrating digital improvements such as chatbots, process mining tools, and a mobile-first approach for your organization.


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