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How to Prevent Your AdSense Account From Getting Banned: "Mistakes You Should Avoid"

There are many reasons why your AdSense account can get banned, but fortunately there are some things you can do to prevent it. If you’re going to make use of Google's AdSense program, then you should be aware of the mistakes that will most likely get your account banned. Avoiding these mistakes can keep your account in tact, so read on to learn how to avoid common mistakes and stay out of trouble!


Google does not want people to steal content, so it has implemented a system which will ban you if they find that you plagiarized. Don't worry though - just write your own words and the quality of your work will be much better than what it would have been had you simply copied someone else's writing. You won't be able to do this overnight, but as long as you keep trying to improve yourself with research and providing good content, then eventually things can only get better!

Don’t Have Multiple Accounts

This should go without saying, but it's always better to be safe than sorry. The best way to avoid getting banned from the AdSense program is having only one account with one unique ID on your website. This will help prevent you from getting banned by using different IDs all over your website!

Don’t Use Your Own Nickname

You can use whatever name you want on your site as long as it doesn’t violate any of the rules (for example, don't use someone else's trademarked name). But when it comes to AdSense accounts, your account name must be only your legal first and last names and nothing else. So if you're trying to keep an eye out for people who might be impersonating you or otherwise trying to steal your identity, then make sure that these common names aren't part of what is associated with your AdSense account!

Use Appropriate Ads

Google has strict rules about which advertisements are appropriate for the program and which aren't. Here is a list of just a few - "Citations needed," "personal attacks," or anything related to illegal activities, hacking or phishing.


If you’re trying to use AdSense, then you should be aware of how spamming can get your account banned. Spamming is when an ad loads faster than the visitor can read it, or if there are too many ads on the page. In either case, this indicates that your website is not optimized for AdSense and will cause your account to get banned.

Unwanted Content

The first and most obvious mistake you can make is including unwanted content on your site. Google has a very strict policy, so avoid including any adult material, hate speech, or illegal activity on your site.

Malicious Content

One of the most common reasons for accounts getting banned is if you upload malicious content such as spam or phishing links. This can result in your account being suspended or banned, so it's important to avoid uploading malicious content to your site, especially the ads that you may be running on other sites. Alternatively, if you're running an ad network and have a bunch of websites with AdSense accounts, make sure that your ad network doesn't allow any malicious content to be uploaded.

Bot Accounts and Trafficking/Fraudulent Activities

One of the most common reasons for accounts being banned are due to bots or traffic/fraudulent activities. If you're using a bot, then your account will be likely banned. Bots are programs that automatically click on ads and generate revenue for their creator. If an account has been found to be using a bot, it is usually delisted from AdSense and no longer allowed to use the program. Other reasons for accounts getting banned include trafficking or fraudulent activities that have been committed by the account holder themselves. If you've been convicted of fraud or trafficking, then Google will most likely ban you from your AdSense account and you'll need to find another way to make money online without breaking any rules.

How to Avoid Suspension

1. Make sure you are only running ads for your site and not for sites within the same network

2. Don't create or use fake traffic sources

3. Don't use automated software to generate traffic

4. If you do see a decrease in ad revenue, carefully analyze the cause of the decline

5. Ensure that your ad code is running on all pages where you want it to appear

6. If your ads aren't showing up as they should, make sure you're using the right tag 

7. Make sure your AdSense account is up-to-date with recent updates

8. Keep track of every time an ad is served to ensure it's appearing in the right place

9. Ensure that your AdSense account isn't being used by anyone else other than yourself

10. Avoid making any changes to your campaigns without first contacting Google


If you want to avoid getting your AdSense account suspended, you must avoid these mistakes.

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