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How To Rank Youtube Video

If you’re looking to rank YouTube video higher in search engines, you need to know how to do it. You can use a few different methods, and ranking is only one part of the battle.

You also need to make sure your videos are well-mixed, have high-quality content, and are available at the right times. Here are some tips on how to rank your video better

Choose the right youtube video title

Choosing the right YouTube video title is an important step in improving your video rating.

You need to make sure your video has a catchy, memorable, and compelling title that will get people’s attention.

This will help ensure that viewers are more likely to watch your video and that it will be ranked higher in search engines.

you can use this tool to generate titles for your youtube video, just go to, click on the home menu in the navigation bar, and choose the article idea generator.

once you are on the tool page, type in some keywords of your niche in the search bar, and click on begin generate.

Know your competitors

A title with a lot of competitors might only rank in the lower end of the search results, without having good keyword planning.

The search bar can help you know your competitors by their title. Enter the title between quotation marks and click on search.

This will give you an estimation of how many competitors you will be likely facing and how popular they are.


Youtube Thumbnail

A good thumbnail will help people see your video at a higher level and will also help attract viewers. You can find a lot of templates on the internet, but some of the better ones include:

1. A thumbnail that accurately represents your video in full size will look like. This will help people see your video more easily and will give it a higher ranking.

2. A thumbnail that is creative and original. People are more likely to click through if they see something they don’t have seen before.

3. A high-quality thumbnail with a clear picture of the item you are trying to promote. This will make it easier for viewers to understand what you are saying and will increase the odds that they will click through to your video.

you can use to generate a thumbnail for your video. all you need to do is :

go to

Once the page loaded, click on the signup button, and here you have 3 options to signup, Google, Facebook, or by creating a new account. After login, you will be redirected to the dashboard page, you can select a premade template and modify it or create your own, it is not that hard to create one.

Youtube Keyword Tools

If your videos are focused on a specific topic, you'll need to target those keywords in your video description, choose high keywords with high ratings and low competition and these keywords must match your title.

Let's say you have the title "tips on how to make money online from home?".

In this title you have some very high keywords like, "how to make money?" or "How to make money from home?". 

You can use each of these keywords to get similar, related ones, by asking multiple questions like "what can make money !", "where I can make money from?","with what I can make money!".

Write down your answer to every question. it is time to use a keyword explorer.

Using Youtube Keyword Tools

Once you have a good understanding of the keywords that are being used in your description, you can use Youtube Keyword Tool to find those keywords By using keyword explorer.

You can know the volume, the rating, and the competition of each keyword.

Additionally, you can extract information about each keyword in a variety of ways- Google keyword planner or Vidiq.

To help you find and rank your youtube video more effectively, I built a tool specifically for this task called  youtube video booster

Good Content is Important

Great content is a valuable asset. It has the potential to provide good experiences for your potential consumers and entice them to return for more. It's your key to attracting your audience's attention and maintaining a favorable brand image.

You may read this excellent article written by Envato. The Ultimate YouTube Guide

Get your videos at the right times

Because there is so much stuff available, it is quite simple to become lost in the shuffle

You also need to make sure your videos are well-mixed; if they’re not, viewers may not be interested in them. In addition, make sure your videos are available on a variety of different platforms so that as many people as possible can see them.

Read The Comments

You may think that ranking youtube videos is all about getting more views, but youtube comments are also an important factor.

It’s important to read the comments and find out what people are thinking about your video.

This way, you can make changes or updates to your content that will improve its viewership and potential sales.

Additionally, it can be helpful to hear what people think about your video before you release it.


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