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Toxic Backlinks - How They Hurt SEO

Toxic backlinks can negatively impact your ranking and traffic, and in some cases, Google can deindex a site that has a high volume of bad backlinks. It is crucial from time to time to remove bad backlinks to avoid the Penguin penalty.

What Are Toxic Backlinks

Toxic backlinks are unnatural links that harm the search engine rankings of a website. they generally Come from websites that have a single objective, to link out to other sites. These Sites are often spammy and have low authority. Google’s Penguin update's main focus is to penalize websites that have these types of backlinks profiles.

How To Know If You Have Toxic Backlinks?

Some of the indicators of harmful backlinks can be identified immediately; here are a few examples.

Google Ranking Dropped Dramatically

Toxic links subject your site to an automatic filter as a penalty adjustment. You will not be informed, and you will not be allowed to request a review of an algorithmic punishment. This can hurt your rankings, but the Penguin filter usually takes care of it. There are a few options for finding out. You've got a Google Webmaster warning about the website's poisonous backlinks profile.

Organic traffic suddenly drops

If your organic traffic suddenly drops, you've been penalized by Penguin, and bad backlinks are most likely to blame.

How to Remove Toxic Links?

In any event, the initial step is to use Google Webmaster Tools to locate a list of the website's backlinks. To acquire a comprehensive list of backlinks, you may use Ahrefs, Majestic SEO, or SEOmoz.

You must make it a practice to analyze your backlink profile frequently. You'll have a greater chance of gaining and using the information to develop plans if you have a deeper understanding of your and your rivals' link profiles.

Once you've figured out which backlinks are harmful and which aren't, you should clear them up right away. Here's what you should do:

Contacting the Site Owner

There may be certain connections that you are unable to remove on your own. The best option is to contact the webmasters of these sites and submit a request.

Disavow Links

If you have a large number of poisonous backlinks, you can ask Google to ignore them. Use the program only after you've exhausted all other options for removing the harmful links. Keep in mind that disavowing backlinks will not help you avoid the Penguin Penalty and will not restore your lost ranking. If you've been punished by Google, you'll have to manually delete every problematic link.

After the Toxic Backlinks are Removed

You may file a reconsideration request with Google once you've cleaned up your website's backlinks. This is a manner of admitting your error, laying out the actions you've done to fix it, and committing to follow best SEO practices in the future.

However, keep in mind that Google might take anywhere from two to three weeks to react to your proposal. A backlink audit is difficult and time-consuming to do, but it is well worth the effort. It's also a good idea to employ a respectable SEO firm that follows ethical SEO guidelines and keeps up with industry best practices.

Types of Bad Backlinks You Don't Want

Google is on the lookout for sites that are purchasing links and penalizes them. Companies selling links may call it "purchasing ad space" or "buying advertising," which you could consider a legitimate marketing strategy. However, that "advertising space" is simply a link you bought to manipulate Google and increase your website's ranks, according to Google.

Links From Spammy Sites

Pornography, drugs, and gambling all been used to define these sorts of spammy websites online. Search engines might penalize you when your website receives backlinks from these types of sites, especially when you start obtaining a lot of fraudulent backlinks.


A private blog network is a collection of blogs or websites that are often controlled by a single individual and exist only to sell connections. The network's websites typically only feature a few pages of material and are seldom updated.

Generated comment

Leaving a generated comment on a blog is unlikely to increase your website's rankings. Because these links aren't part of the site's primary editorial material or were placed there by the site's owner, Google ignores them.

Sponsored posts

The main drawback of utilizing sponsored posts to generate links is the lack of transparency.

Sponsored postings without disclosure are frowned upon by the Federal Trade Commission because they may be construed as misleading advertising.

Google dislikes them since you're effectively paying for a link that will increase your ranks with little to no editorial oversight.


If you want your website to rank, you'll need backlinks.

The problem is that some forms of backlinks might harm your SEO and potentially result in a Google penalty.


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